Side Quest "Spelunking For Madcaps" Not Progressing

TepacanaTepacana Member Posts: 3
The side quest is in my mission log, and has the current objectives "Finish Main Mission: The Magic of Umami" and "Finish the Job for Mr. Kato in "Smuggler's Wheel"" I've completed the first of these objectives but the quest hasn't updated. I have also completed the smuggling quest for Mr. Kato in the Smuggler's Wheel, but the quest "Running the Wheel" is still active.

I also can't seem to find the Prescott Starbase Authority to talk to again. In the map screen it says that service is still there, but I can't see it in Prescott starbase itself.

I see that I might need to fully complete the "Running the Wheel quest" before both objectives update, but it doesn't seem to be updating, and walkthroughs I've seen for the side-quest don't mention when the quest can be done, so I can't be certain. I will update this post when I do fully complete the "Running the Wheel" Quest.


  • TepacanaTepacana Member Posts: 3
    Just completely finished the "Running the Wheel Quest", the side-quest "Spelunking for Madcaps" hasn't updated.
  • TepacanaTepacana Member Posts: 3
    Update: The quest is still completable, but the objectives don't update until you enter the location it tells you to after completing the "Running the Wheel" quest.
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