A few notes from my 20 hours

HexPhyreHexPhyre Member Posts: 1
Not a fan that I can only have 5 ships, when there are 6 ships, and that I can only sell a ship if it's the one you are currently flying. I keep seeing visually identical ships with different passives, and identical passive ships that are visually quite different, and I remember reading that wing types are supposed to be tied to the passive (don't recall seeing the parameters for differing hull, cockpit, and engine). There should be an objective per system to find the Aeterna Bypasses, I generally like to explore and yet have only found 41 of the 58, and have no idea which locations they are in as I have "cleared" each one. The Scout is so fragile, I don't think it's ULT should be required to be charged to use; the Sentinel needs a nerf, it does everything too well: the combination of being the second fastest ship with a constantly regening shield from kills and EMP on ult means it flattens swarms, plus Shield Surge on EMP Gen and Carefree on Nano Trans with an Autocannon shreds big targets.
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