Stick deadzone setting exposure

JaitsuJaitsu Kickstarter Beta Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 2
Writing as of v0.5.18385.

My Xbox One controller seems to have a slight case of stick drift, more than the 0.10 default covers, causing the map screen to scroll on its own and my ship to drift sideways. When I went into the settings, at first I couldn't find the deadzone setting, as I would've expected it to be under 'Gamepad' rather than 'customize controls' since I'm not rebinding anything. When I did find it, I found that rather than being one setting, it's an array of them, everywhere an axis is bound, requiring me to go down the list and change every instance of the deadzone slider in order to test if the setting is comfortable for both the menus and the game. (The same goes for sensitivity, though I can understand keeping 'Inverted' per-setting)

So my suggestion is this: can we have the deadzone setting moved to the "Gamepad"/"Joystick" menus rather than under "Customize Controls", and simplified to one setting across all applications? I figure anyone experiencing stick drift requiring the deadzone setting for a given controller will need it everywhere it applies.


  • JaitsuJaitsu Kickstarter Beta Backer ES1, Space Dog Posts: 2
    Side note: there doesn't seem to be a deadzone option for the map screen, which is causing the reticle to drift off to the right due to the same stick drift.
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