Tutorial Mission Reward Lost in Wall - Unable to Proceed

gaelstromgaelstrom Member Posts: 5
I ran into a bug when I destroyed the damaged pirate ship in the tutorial mission in the core where the laser weapon it drops that is required to pick up to proceed went into the nearby wall and I became unable to proceed with the game. Was 144 away so was just out of range to get it. Recognize as of this report it's still relatively early stage, however if missions are going to be in places like this please implement some method to prevent this from happening with any pickups. My first impression sadly is at the moment it's unplayable due to the framerate on my Geforce 660Ti 3 GB, I'll be upgrading soon, but this made it impossible to proceed so would request it be considered a game-breaking bug in some form. Obviously I had bad luck and others could proceed, but it definitely won't be the last time unless a 'fix' is implemented.
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