Aoe concussive weapon

Had a thought while doing a minesweeping mission. It is somewhat tedious and takes a long time.

What about a dumb fire rocket that the player can detonate at will, doing a large aoe concussive blast. . The damage need not be high, mostly to disrupt flight path of enemies, which allows follow up damage by other weapons. This would also help with minesweeping.

A different weapon suggestion:, the high capacity rocket launcher has a rather slow launch rate. It’s very difficult to hit moving targets with them. Plus, they are instantly destroyed by oncoming fire. It’ll be nice if these are faster, to complement primary weapon output and reward aiming skill.


  • AFriendlyViewerAFriendlyViewer Member Posts: 7
    Minor edit: I mean the rocket launcher has a low projectile speed. The launch rate could be faster as well too. I remember the Tempest in Freespace 2: fast firing and moving, dumb fire that when used skillfully, well augment a ship’s firepower.
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