Massive slowdown after some hours of playing

Hi there,

I've enjoyed ES2 for some hours now. It ran really smooth on my system (Lenovo Legion 5 / Ryzen 7 4800H / Geforce RTX 2060) on epic graphics settings.

Suddenly the game started lagging like -BEEP-. I'm not aware of any changes to drivers nor hardware - same setup. Even the menu is very laggy - the mouse is struggling to keep up.

That's very frustrating. I tried lowering the graphics settings - it's barely playable at low now. Looking at Task Manager GPU is somehow busy (hard to make sense of all the different graphs) but CPU is almost idle at 4%.

What can I do / where should I look next?

Thanks for the great game!



  • jammajamma Member Posts: 2
    For anybody finding this post: I couldn't find a definitive cause. It might have been related to power management, my monitor setup (connected via USB-C docking) or something. The issue went away. Reappeared seldomly. Restarting seemed to help.
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