Prescott Starbase Crash.

So I've been attempting to continue along to prescott starbase, and each time i have attempted to load the zone it crashes. When the unreal engine report pops up this is what I get.

LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 3229] PointLightComponent /Game/Maps/Locations/S02L06.S02L06:PersistentLevel.BP_DecoLight_Base_GEN_VARIABLE_BP_DecoLight_Base_C_CAT_28313.PointLight: Serial size mismatch: Got 77, Expected 613

Any thoughts?


  • FewtasFewtas Member Posts: 2
    Never mind. After going through and redownloading files, 2 different times, it appears that some files disappeared on download. Weird.
  • TalamaeTalamae Member Posts: 2
    08/21/2021 Having same issue now. Trying to go to Prescott Starbase causes freezing that requires hard reset. Computer exceeds most requirements and Prescott Starbase is the only place I have these issues.
  • TalamaeTalamae Member Posts: 2
    Update 08/25/2021 turns out the cinematic for the Prescott Starbase is what was freezing the game. I got past it and now, while the game is still stuttering, it is performing much closer to how it should. Perhaps Prescott needs some extra optimization.
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