Somewhere between a tip and a way to cheese things..

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I discovered this today by accident after first finding out that the game can throw you a curve by saying your jump has been jammed and telling you to blow up whatever is jamming you. I dont know if there is more than one thing but in my case it was a large platform with about 6-8 defensive emplacements and at least 1 drone server.

Long story short I ended up having my engine blown off by a missile throwing me into a permanent spin...I waited for something to finish me off...apparently I was no longer a valid target, not even for the interceptors. Eventually I decided it was going to take too long to spin out of bounds so I "quit to the main menu" and resigned to giving up the about $7k I had made, only to find that continue restarted the game in that sector from before the first fight (somehow I managed to do even worse the second time and die outright).

So there IS a way to stop a long run mid game, as well as a way to continue if you run into some serious bug. However it also could be use to just start over a sector that has gone bad (not sure if it re-rolls any of it).


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    I just read this... then had the same thing happen in game. Charged head first into an elite because I wasn't going to be able to take him done anyway, spin happened. Game gets stuck.
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    This is a bug that we fixed yesterday.
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    Depending what the bug was(the engine spin and no longer being a valid target vs the game restarting the sector), we do need a way to quit a game and keep the money, even if thats a self destruct. We certainly also need a way to stop and save progress for later continue since games can already be a few hours long.
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    At the moment, you should just be able to quit to the main menu and then continue. You will be set back to the same location the moment you entered it before.
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