Fullscreen (and fullscreen windowed mode) disconnects from my monitor on keypresses

KahenrazKahenraz Member Posts: 5
This is kind of an unusual issue. When I perform various actions in the game that involve pressing keys or navigating menus, the game will disconnect and reconnect to my monitor.

This behavior can be invoked at the main menu by pressing the Settings button. I have the same issue in flight mode with the Escape and F1 keys.

This occurs both with Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen but not Windowed mode.

I am running Everspace 2 on a Radeon 6900 XT at native 1920x1080. I also tried a lowering the resolution to 1280x720 but the problem was the same.

I can't play the game with it blinking at when I press a button on the keyboard or try to use the menus.

See here for a video of the behavior:


  • KahenrazKahenraz Member Posts: 5
    I am using the GOG version 0.4.16428.
  • KahenrazKahenraz Member Posts: 5
    This appears to have been an issue with FreeSync becoming enabled after installing AMD's Catalyst drivers.

    Disabling FreeSync confirmed the source of the problem and swapping out the cable for a compatible one has fixed this for me entirely.
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