Mining Laser audio bug

TheYaziTheYazi Member Posts: 2
[ignore my 'stop recording' being bound to CNTRL ;) ]

Found this issue on the first planet they set you on where the audio for the lasers disappears when firing the gauss cannon.

Game version: 0.4.16420
System: Unknown - Using GeForce Now

Whilst I'm here: loving it so far. I was super sceptical to pick it up as my usual space games are Elite Dangerous or EVE Online style but I'm actually loving this to bits and it usually doesn't feel like an early access


  • TheYaziTheYazi Member Posts: 2
    Forgot to mention: this happened on every laser I ran into and tried it on. I've only seen those lasers on the first landable planet and I've only tried it with maybe half a dozen lasers - all of them mute when the gauss is fired. I'm unaware if this happens on other fast-firing weapons as I didn't think to test that at the time
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