Increase Cruise mode speed?

GAMBITGAMBIT Member Posts: 1
I played this game a lot already and found it a bit boring to fly from an entry point to some object (like a hangar or a jump gate ). And that feeling is coming from very slow cruise drive speed. I think it is needed to increase cruise drive speed (or even add some modules and abilities, which will allow increasing ship speed.

And also it may be interesting to add some weapon types and events which will be based on cruise drive disabling.
For instance - missiles that will turn of cruise drive, so a player might be caught in some sort of ambush.
Or, on the other hand - missions to intercept some ship, which will be flying to jump gate on cruise mode and player will have to hit that ship with such missile. (EMP missiles must be slower, so they will not be able to catch up the ship on a cruise mode)
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