crafting mechanics

1. need a tab to display what components are available before dismantling.
2. an explanation of what modifications does.
3. modification icons extremely vague. Hovering over icons presents no information.
4. A tab to see what total components have been acquired through dismantling.
5. mission locations and objectives very vague. Difficult to ascertain where to go to acquire goods.
6. option to combine guns
7. loot /parts from destroyed ships float in planet's atmosphere. They should fall to the ground.
8. broken "back to work" side mission. 6/7 structures destroyed in asteroid fields. Seventh item is the bomb thrower that isn't recognized.
9. an explanation of value and rarity of dismantled components,


  • gregggogregggo Member Posts: 48
    I agree with everything kayaker says. Way too much unexplained. I reached the end of the game and still don't understand half of the symbols pictures and updates.
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Thanks for the feedback, we were aware of most of this, some of it just was simply not done due to limited time before Early Access release. I think that we will cover all of your points except number 6 which is not going to happen and we are undecided regarding number 7. We've played around a bit with gravity on planets and it could be very annoying having to always chase after pickups falling to the ground. We've added some gravity with freight containers after destroying a freighter and might add more effects like that, but like I said, it could all be very annoying.
  • gregggogregggo Member Posts: 48
    I got the autonomous freight dispatcher built but I cannot figure out how to use it. Will you tell me please? I also cannot figure out how to use the "pulse mutator". I would appreciate some hints or instructions.
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