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Hey again!

This is the continuation of my previous observation post.

Before I begin listing off all the things that have seemed odd to me, I have an idea for the general forum set-up. If Rockfish could provide us with the option of creating forum posts that only the thread starter and the mods can add content to, anyone interested (I'm sure there's quite a few) could compile their own list of observations and suggestions and continue to update their findings without creating an endless throng of new posts. Food for thought :smile:

Game version: 0.26394
My set-up: I'm playing with Mouse and Keyboard, single-monitor set-up with 1920x1080 resolution.
Progress so far: About 15 runs, about 10 rather short ones and 5 above 10-15k credit runs about midway through Sec3

What I stumbled on this time:
  • Forum post preview does not show list as bullet points but rather as paragraphs, looks very confusing
  • Dismantling things really should yield resources. "Dismantle" is sort of ambiguous phrasing in this context - it could mean either "dismember into pieces" or "chuck stuff out of the airlock"
  • Instead of the rather inexpressive "X items can be crafted", display a short list of the things that can be crafted now that I've found whatever I just picked up
  • apart from visibility issues with almost all icons, the warp jump icon really needs to be bigger and better to find. It's all good when you have plenty of time to look for it but the interceptors don't forgive you those 5 seconds you need to find it...
  • it is unclear what the hangar upgrade that increases sensor range applies to. Just the ships internal sensors or scanning probes as well?
  • Some weapons (e.g. Scatter Gun 2 and from what I've read other model 2 as well) completely change their behaviour from model 1 to model 2. They keep the same displayed stats (like influences of charging the weapon when you cannot charge it anymore) but lose some functionality that doesn't justify calling it by the same name in my book. Model 2 seems like it would be an upgrade in terms of damage, range, energy usage and all that rather than roughly the same stats with different behaviour
  • The displayed changes for the shield recharge mod does not make sense (attributes: recharge delay after hit: 15s but the shield itself only has 5s.. ??)
  • The shield stats are cut off at the end after you upgrade it (shutdown duration after depletion)
  • What functions do challenges have? Are there rewards? Not clear from the challenge display
  • Some challenges display that they need to be completed within a single run (kill 10 alien ships in single run, 50 spotlights in a single run, ...) and some do not (kill 25 ships before sector 2, ...). If you reset challenges that do not explicitly say single run in the description after a run ends, people will have questions
  • sometimes when I have a tractor beam equipped and I'm right in front of an ore asteroid, things that detach from the asteroid float right by me (well within pick-up range), yet are not picked up. That should not happen, especially with a tractor beam
  • the Shipwreck Joyce Tenner has a typo in its story log ("And that's excactly what I ...")
  • enemy ships tend to fly straight through minefields if it is the most direct route to get to me (even from 3-5km away when they have plenty of possibilities to maneuver around them)
  • zone danger classification is WAY off sometimes (just warped into a yellow zone that had an Alien Warship, about 5 fighters and several drones right at the entrance. I was dead before the warp jump coordinates could even complete.. Not sure that's supposed to happen in Sec2 yellow)
  • Not sure if I am mixing things up but according to Newton's First Law, in space, any object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another force. Currently that is not at all reflected in the game. Boosting interrupts once you release the key which it shouldn't, projectiles of any kind lose velocity after a certain range, things have counter-logic movement patterns when you hit them with projectiles while they are at rest. I reckon some of these things might have been done for convenience and ease of computation (e.g. theoretically infinite projectile range) but at least the important parts like the movement of the ship and the boosting issue should be thought about

This is just my subjective account of things and some bullet points are my own opinion of issues rather than definite bugs that need adjusting, so take anything you find with a grain of salt.


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