2h game experience personal feedback and suggestions

WanjiaWanjia Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Rogue Posts: 9
I've currently been playing the game close to 2 hours now and as a good ALPHA contributor I'd like to share my experience, feedback and suggestions.

++ Drop dead gorgeous visuals. (Visual orgasms here :love:)
+ Good looking weapon animation. :wink:
+ No FPS drops. :smiley:
+/- Visual Feedback from being hit is great, being hit by a rocket might be too great. (turned my ship around when being hit by a rocket while flying behind an enemy trying to kill it)
- No visual change when switching primary weapons. (just a little "flash")
- Nebulas looks sweet, but not sure if you are in range or not to get hit by the surges or where to fly to get out. (randomly dying finding out later it was a nebulas)

+ Audio is good. :blush:
- Music on or off, no in between (I'd like to have a little music while playing but not to predominant)

+ Responsive
+ Using mouse and keyboard feels nice and balanced.
+/- Customisable controls although I wouldn't change them.
+/- Mouse sensitivity slider would be nice although I have no problem with it.
- Mouse Deadzone
- Invert y-axis on at first start-up.

- Changeable colors for loot and enemies.
- Ability to change between km and miles might be useful for some people.
- Minimap option instead of excisting way?

++ Kick -BEEP- asteroid mining. :love:
+ Flying seems really smooth, easy to dogde object if not going to fast.
- Low enemy variety. (as pointed out when the game starts)
- Sometimes AI fly's in continues circles because I'm following behind him.
- Balancing in weapon damage. (but it's alpha)
- Missile has too high RoF making it easily spammable when out of energy.
- What to do with blueprints?
- Found generally more ore and almost no gas.
- When fuel is full, extra fuel floating around can be annoying. (Ability to destroy or collect and "trade?" for other resources)

- Fighting Elites seems impossible. :sweat:
- Fighting against 3 or more enemies is very damaging to the ship. (especially with a drone present as this shoots lasers which are always dead on for me)
- Energy pool drains incredibly fast when fighting +3 enemy's.
- Almost always out of energy. :confused: (maybe my style of playing)
- Rockets focusing the wrong enemy. :worried:
- Super boost should maybe get rid of half the shield.

Possible Bugs:
- Energy bar seems to never go full. (probably pointed out already)
- Tapping the shift button takes shunks out of energy bar. (Shouldn't be fixed in my opinion but just pointing it out people will do this :tongue:)

Gameplay gets very stale :disappointed: very fast atm. (Starting with the same weapons when you die is main issue for me)

There might be a lot of negative in here but that's the reason for ALPHA testing right?


  • Cain TetsuoCain Tetsuo Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 48
    Two quick points. Blueprints are for crafting mods from resources instead of relying on a drop and you keep them from one playthrough to the next (eg if you collect a beam laser blueprint you will always be able to craft a beam laser in following playthroughs if you can collect the resources). Boost has an activation cost of 5 units of energy and can be reduced by buying a certain perk. This is working as intended.
  • BrettBrett Common Alpha Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 1
    It might just be because my ship is very low level but I feel like boost and weapons energy should be separate.
    I'm spending all my cash on Energy upgrades because I continually die because I can't handle long engagements past 1 or 2 enemies.
    I think if I can boost and dodge while weapons recharge would it would have a nicer feel to game play.
  • ES_10981ES_10981 Common Alpha Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 1
    have you guys played Into the Stars? i backed both on KS and coming from that game to this feels almost identical except for the combat portion. Im kind of curious as to what the full game will look like in terms of its story, side missions and activities.. but yeah its just not clicking for me at its current state.
  • WanjiaWanjia Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Rogue Posts: 9
    edited May 2016
    Wanjia said:

    - Shattergun occasualy doesn't work

    - While tab'd out of game you can still die if you didn't pauze before tabbing out.

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