Mouse is nearly unusable

I'm using a Logitech G502. I can't get a consistent flight. If I slow the mouse down (dpi or sensitivity functions) to stop uncontrollable motion during regular flying, then it's much, much too slow to maneuver during a battle.
If I speed the mouse up (dpi or sensitivity) to have a chance at catching dogfighting opponents, then the ship is massively uncontrollable.

I've tried dpi settings from 600 to 1950 using the OS. I've tried sensitivities from ,8 to .2 with large, medium, and small deadzones. I've tried all of the above with both floating and centered cursors. Floating is better, but only by a little.

Does anyone have any settings to make this thing flyable, but not so twitchy that it spins completely out of control every time I have to maneuver or dogfight?
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