Uncontrollable with Mouse

How do you control the ship with the mouse? I've tried setting the sensitivity to .1 and that is controllable, but it's impossible to hit anything. I've increased and decreased the deadzone. I've used centered and floating reticules (I prefer centered). I've tried software and OS controlled mouse.

Control problems: Either I can turn fast enough to target an enemy (and that makes the menus a chore) or I'm turning so fast, that any motion just makes the ship spin.

I'm using a Logitech G502. I can adjust it quite a bit, but what settings make the ship flyable?


  • OgreMkVOgreMkV Member Posts: 3
    I tried setting the mouse to 800 dpi and using the system. I also expanded the dead zone to the max.

    Ships are still too twitchy in regular flight, but can't move fast enough to track enemies in combat.
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