Fluidity of transitions sector <-> lightspeed


I play the game with a computer that have a SSD and the game have super fluid transitions. There was a lot of work here (gg !).

Those two passages are the only one that could be better.

It would be cool if :
* Between the transition between sector to lightspeed, instead of a fade to black, the ligthspeed "room" was directly affiched. The loading time could be hidden in multithread during the 0% to 100% count.
* Between the transition between ligthspeed to sector, instead of a fad to black, the sector would be directly affiched. The loading time would be hidden in the X Ls to few km also in a separate thread.

I also like the idea to select a point with A (X-Box gamepad) in sector's "rooms", like in the LS "room", to also avoid a transition to the map screen, select a point, align, fade to black, press A. But that last one is minor.


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