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Is Everspace 2 finished in means of storyline\basic features?
I just don't want to experience huge butthurt like i had with *game about surviving on a planet with a lot of water*
Anyway - i really hope that ES 2 goes in release as planned. Want to play native on Linux.......


  • AFriendlyViewerAFriendlyViewer Member Posts: 7
    As of today (mid August 2021), the story still got a ways to go. I played the game back in June and was disappointed how abruptly my game just stopped progressing (level cap, story cap). A new release happened early this month that extends the story, but still capped.

    I'm only able to get to level 2 ships (not sure how many levels are planned). Was slightly disappointed at how much story I am able to play, but the parts that I got to play was pretty fun. Saw most things I wanted to see in ~20 - 30 hours, but your mileage may vary. The cost to buy new ships was exorbitant enough that I didn't want to grind anymore after buying just a few.

    Hope this helps.
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