Joystick binding doesn't stick if device name is long

I use Winwing's throttle and the full device name is WINWINGTHROTTLEBASE1+_F18 HANDLE. Any bindings on this device don't get saved and I have to redo it every time the game is loaded. When I checked input.ini for any particular binding for this throttle it is only recorded as WINWINGTHROTTLEBASE1+_F18 without the rest of the syntax (for example WINWINGTHROTTLEBASE1+_F18 _Button22). Is there a way to get around this. My other peripherals with shorter names work perfectly.


  • supmuasupmua Member Posts: 2
    OK I've found a temp solution. By using vJoy to create a virtual device for my throttle which is now vJoyDevice-6 and Joystick Gremlin to map all virtual buttons, I'm able to get my throttle to work via manually editing the input.ini file which is rather tedius--but everything is great now.
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