Typography / typos

Hey guys! Thank you for the already wonderful game.

Now I don't want to sound like a nit-picker, but could you please change the quote signs in the game from "inch marks" to “quote signs”? Would be nice if your obvious perfectionism towards the game was reflected in the typography, too.

In this thread I will also report any typos I happen to find while playing.



  • PriestPriest Member Posts: 2
    You could also use long dashes in the subtitle text:

    This text - with short dashes - is what you use in the game now.

    While this text—with long dashes and no spaces—is what they use in book typography.

    While this might sound like the last thing to change, it's very easy to fix; and I'm certain there are people whose experience can be kinda compromised by these little things.
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