Roll back issue with joystick

When using joystick axis for roll, there's almost always some false roll back happening when I return the handle to the middle position.

Looks like the ship is trying to get back to default roll alignment, or at least partially (roll back may randomly stop before getting back to 'horizontal' alignment, like compensating the turn just made, I didn't trace exact dependency of this). Especially hinders navigation through debris or similar activities.

Step to reproduce:
1. When out in space standing still or flying (not talking about supralight or other modes when ship normally auto-adjusts its roll angle), push the stick assigned to roll to one side.
2. When the ship have rolled for some angle, release the stick and let it return to the middle position, making sure that it doesn't bounce to the opposite just in case.
3. With hands off controls, everything in its middle position, watch the ship rolling back for some time.

No such issue when using mouse and keyboard.


  • koztantkoztant Member Posts: 7
    Saw this on Steam forums. Go to controller input, there's an auto-level toggle. Over there they said it's a bug where the auto-level if on affects joysticks too. Haven't had a chance to confirm if it works or not yet though.
  • ManuLHanManuLHan Member Posts: 9
    Solved in current experimental build.

    Thanks :)
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