Closing Containers Is Annoying

EngageEngage Member Posts: 16
In the first game I never had to remove my hand from my keys to interact with an object. The default to open a container is "F", closing is "ESC". Why can't I close objects with the same key I open them? It doesn't allow you to remap the keys if they are already in use without losing the current mapping. I've tried.
This is useless and annoying. If I'm going at breakneck speed and need to adjust course quickly after closing a container, I'm going to end up crashing because I am forced to remove my hand from my keyboard. I've finished the tutorial and it's already annoying the -BEEP- out of me and I haven't even opened up 5 containers yet.


  • EngageEngage Member Posts: 16
    I almost forgot. Containers closed themselves in the first game when they were empty. Could that be an option in the menu to toggle? I'm hoping you were already planning on implementing that.
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