Weapon "auto-aim" lock-on fails

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Weapon "auto-aim" lock-on fails on higher distances. I tested this with a rail gun, since it has the highest range in the game (for now), but you can also experience it with a beam laser on close range when firing at objects, not targets, and watch the beam move around the reticle. I guess you have to move the ship in one direction for the deviation to scramble.

For the long range effect, to describe it more in detail, the gun endpoint deviates in a (it seems) fixed direction away from the target. To hit the target you have to aim some pixels towards one side (up, down, left or right) of the target. So you have to "miss" the target on purpose with the reticle to hit the target. Once you have hit it and when it is moving straight towards you, you can hit the target by (miss-) firing at the same point again and again. This makes hitting drones in over 5Km range impossible. Some bigger ships can get hit on this range due to their bigger size. This (miss to hit) is very counter-intuitive in my opinion.

Game Version v 0.4.16214
UE4 Release 4.25-CL-14469661 (


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    Aiming was much easier in the first game. I assumed they didnt have an auto lock in this one because I haven't seen it. Unless it's supposed to be there. Then it's a bug.
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    I have upgraded the scout ships expertise to a point that the gauss cannon has 6.5+ Km range right now. At that range you can even miss corvettes, even when your reticle is right on target.
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    Thanks, we'll investigate
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    Thanks, we'll investigate

    Thank you! If I can provide any help, let me know!
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