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I'm proud backer of Everspace 2 and I am very pleased with the experience you delivered in ES2 Early Access, congratulations! I can only confirm what Mario wrote on GameStar: This doesn't feel like Early Access, it feels like an Episodic Release! The Gameplay is already quite good, I had no obvious bugs so far, and some missing artwork (like different icons for different types of commodities) is absolutely to be expected . I won't bother you with too much praise, just like to leave my 2 cents:
  • Graphics are absolutely on par with what I expected, there are no "-BEEP-"-moments that pull you out of immersion that I encountered, so I'm satisfied
  • Sound effects are mostly those of Everspace 1 (as far as I remember), especially the "loot collected"-Jingle is very "arcady", so maybe give them a once-over - I think they don't match the "ongoing story vibe" of the rest of the game any more
  • Same goes for music - the "hyperspace travel music" somehow reminds me of Star Control. If you wanted that, well done, mission accomplished, but I'd prefer something more "space opera"-y to better catch the vibe of the other gameplay
  • Speaking of hyperspace, I only managed to get out of it via autopilot, getting near a waypoint didn't work for me so far. Just mentioning it
  • The Hyperspace travel all in all is a great way to traverse between "levels", leave it exactly as it is, including loading times, I don't mind. PLEASE do not include any minigames there like X:Rebirth tried, thank you very much!
  • UI is very polished for an EA title (if I remember Ark at the beginning - or even Ark right now ;)), it feels intuitive, so great job!
  • I very much like the Crafting concept, I'm unsure about the balancing (you need to break down 7 rare items to be able to craft 1 rare pulse laser, and *a lot* more rare items to craft actually useful weapons...), but I trust your judgement there
  • Cutscenes are adequate, they tell the story, the voice acting is great, IMO you don't need anything more sophisticated that what you have now - the "Diablo"-Vibe is there, don't bother with full motion 3D, just keep your voice actors on that level and you're golden ;)
  • And finally: The Early Access batch on the top left including the current version is a wonderful idea and should become industry standard, give the person that had the idea a fat bonus!
As I said initially, well done, I'm satisfied, Everspace 2 is already great and the final installment will also be great, thank you!


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,297
    Thank you very much for the praise and for your support! Glad you're enjoying our game!
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