Playing with TWCS & Mouse

I will admit that this is a very low priority as this is a very niche control scheme.

I'm trying to create a set up where I use a thrustmaster TWCS ( and an mmo mouse together as a control scheme. the throttle is bound to thrust, the rudder flaps are for roll and the mini stick is for hover and strafe. The mouse movement is bound to pitch and yaw and the mouse buttons are used as the default, including the number buttons.

This set up is works perfectly for movement, with the game taking the mouse input and the throttles axis' movements simultaneously but if I press any of the buttons on the TWCS the cursor position resets to centre after I press the button until I move the mouse again. This only happens on button inputs, not axis inputs. This happens whether the mouse position setting is set to hardware or software. This also happens whether the button pressed is bound to a function or not.

Like I said, I doubt there are many people who have attempted this control scheme, and the game plays beautifully on mouse & keyboard.

Congratulations on entering early access, I'm loving the game.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, thanks for the praise. We plan on supporting a mixed input mode of mouse+controller or keyboard+controller in the future - stay tuned!
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