Early Access (Bugs and suggestions)

ZuriliaZurilia Member Posts: 1
So after 16 hours on the current early access build and clearing out every possible area I've noticed some quality of life improvements that could be made along with a few bugs.

1. Stacks of items should all go to 99 Liquor, Ramen, and etc...
2. Inventory size should be 20 from the start.
3. An ingame bestiary for items and where they come from would be a huge help to new players as even after 16 hours I'm still not sure exactly where Power Cells come from outside of randomly seeing them in space.
4. When on the universal map when you hover over zones with a checkmark confirming completion it would be nice if it told you what resource Iron, Silver, Gold, and etc can potentially be found in that zone and I'm not certain but if these items don't respawn then after XX amount of time they should respawn.
5. (BUG) When you grab a explosive barrel and throw it at the shielded barrel thrower outlaw cannons even after being destroyed the turret will still throw barrels and have a shield up.
6. (BUG) Several times when I destroyed a Destroyer its Chassis would remain and not disappear.
7. When you see G&B Freighters all the containers on the freighter should explode when the ship explodes rather than having to individually destroy each container. As once you're powerful enough you destroy the ship before all the containers can even begin to be opened for that sweet loot.
8. For reputation Jobs/Missions like G&B a lot of those gather X item missions are frustrating to complete due to the mentioned solution on suggestion 4. If you knew where said resource and or item can be obtained these fetch missions for the G&B would be much simpler to deal with. No one wants to spend 60+min or more searching for a raw material on a fetch mission like Diluted Insidium. After 16 hours I still only have 16/20 Diluted Insidum for that mission.
9. Repairing your ship should cost more than it currently does. I find myself throwing away Nano Bots cause they just take up room and repairing my ship at any of the many stations is simpler.
10. The storage needs to be increased from it's current threshold or allow or a future ally with a perk to increase its size. Because a lot of these items dropping you'll never know when you might need them. For example are commodities just for making credits $$ or are they a future purpose? Will I ever need Solar Panels, Cooling Units, Heater Detectors? Who knows... So into the limited storage they go.
11. (BUG) some planets in the game have COLLISION DETECTED warning.. But many a time I've used my Jump Drive and I'll zoom right through an entire planet.
12. (BUG) Compressor addon with Speed boost is broken entirely. When you use it the cooldown initiates but your ship doesn't receive any forward momentum.
13. (BUG)In a lot of areas I've found loot stuck in walls, asteroids, and etc.. Sometimes the tractor beam gets them out of their stuck situation. But I've had to leave a lot of loot behind.
14. (BUG) Speaking of loot being left behind there will occasionally be loot that can't be picked up even if you're on top of it cause the game registers it as an unknown entity.

That's all I got for now... But I'll continue to tinker around and throw my suggestions.


  • KardininKardinin Member, Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES2 Posts: 15
    Ah... Loot stuck in asteroids. Nostalgia. EV1 had that big for a little bit. That'll be fixed for sure, they've had to do it in the previous engine 😝
  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Thanks for the feedback, I filed a few of these bugs that were unknown and you some of your points are already being worked on / are subject to change
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