Perfomance is much worse for me in EverSpace 2 than its predecessor

My computer runs a Ryzen 1800X CPU, GeForce 970, and 64GB of memory.

EverSpace ran great but EverSpace 2 is very laggy and not nearly as enjoyable. I know that the sequel has a lot more going on in the background as it's more than a simple roguelike.

I recognize that the bottleneck is my video card but I wanted to ask if performance is expected to improve to something similar to its predecessor or whether this is the new baseline and that I should plan to upgrade if I want a better experience.


  • daniloelninodaniloelnino Member Posts: 1
    Hey! Obviously I don't know the plans for the game but your specs are now a bit outdated for titles coming out in 2021, especially graphically intense ones. I assume some optimization will be done, but the game already runs fairly well (but not like, 120 fps well) on mid-range 2019/2020 specs (Ryzen 3000 series + 5700xt). This to me indicates that the game is already pretty optimized and any improvements will have to be looked at from a more modern baseline. Like it might get better, but enough for your specs? Most likely not as much as you're hoping. It always sucks when your stuff starts to fall behind. Still, who knows.
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