Thrustmaster T.16000 Hotas

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I would like to let you know that your joystick profiles are lacking the Hotas version of T.16000 (, it was kind of strange to find out that you support a dual T.16000 but not the normal Hotas that is kinda one of the most common Hotas setups out there.

It's mappable but -BEEP-, it will take more than 2h to get setup correctly...

Edit: It's almost mappable, I'm unable to map "buttons" to "hat directions" even though they act as a button, the game is complaining it's an axis...

Kinda annoying that space games nowdays don't really seem to care about supporting joystick setups.


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    Hi, the problem is that I had to create all the presets here from home office in November/December with whatever models we could get our hands on. For this, I need to know the names of all the buttons and axes as received in the game. We tried to get a FCS, but it was sold out everywhere in November/December when I was doing the presets. We will add a preset for this in the future.

    The hats indeed ARE axes for all the Joystick models I did get my hands on - they deliver analog input axis values. The way Unreal engine handles inputs makes it very complicated for us if we wanted to change them into button inputs, which is why we show the error message. It's currently just not possible to use an axis for a button input and unlikely that this will change in the future. In the presets we created, we pretty much all the time use the hat's x-axis for strafing and the y-axis for hovering, which works really great, because strafing/hovering is so important in our game and that way you can move the ship up/down/left/right as well as pitch/yaw/roll by just your right hand on the joystick.

    Hope that answers everything, thanks for your support!
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    I understand the problems with development during corona and out of stock issue, thanks for explaining.

    Big issue with Unreal engine then, because I'm not talking about analog hats, I'm talking about the digital ones with just off/on states. I've played tons of flightsim games and this is the first time I cannot map those as buttons. Since on a HOTAS setup you have those HAT's everywhere and on better places than most buttons I usually use a couple of them for example to change loadout, toggle enemies/friendlies.

    Analog hats on the other hand I have full understanding those are used for flight and strafing, since those are not just on/off.

    But I'm starting to understand that this game may be better played with a gamepad since it's more "fps" oriented somehow than flightsim. I was somewhere hoping it would be kinda the next freelancer but I guess that game will never see the light of day :( ES2 is a great game but somehow in a different genre.
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