Remove, or at least massively increase in size, "safe orbit" limits (playable area)

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In Everspace 1, playable area is rather small. I suggest to increase it for Everspace 2 for all locations to a sphere at very least 500 km in diameter. And if possible - as big as 10000 km sphere in diameter, or, best, no range limits at all. The reasons to do so - are those:

- by giving players more than enough space, you make them feel vastness and emptyness of space, which is one proper thing to have in a space-setting game;

- in Everspace 1, there is still a way to deny "leaving safe orbit" enfirely. No hacks or glitches - fair in-game means all working as intended. For example, with Teleporter Mk3 with 4 energy efficiency upgrades, Shield XC mk3 with 4 capacity upgrades, Energy Diverter mk3, and Berserker glyph - one can get at least this far: There are also other ship configurations, even without Berserker glyph, which allow to go times further than "intended", too. Thus, if Everspace 1 did not manage to contain even legit players inside "safe orbit", certainly this idea would also fail in Everspace 2, too - especially if there will be mod support / tools as wished by the team. So why try it to begin with, if it fails?

- classic games like Elite, X-Wing, Freelancer all had either no range limit or very generous range limit. For example, in Freelancer, one could go flying full-cruise speed for like ~20 minutes before reaching the edge or any given playable location. If those massively popular games had it that way, then i recon it's both desirable and not too much difficult to implement technically;

- the idea of "let's confine players to a small area so that they don't see things from angles / distances we did not bother to make looking good" is IMHO wrong. Those few who'd be unpleasant enough to be vocal about such matter - also ones who won't spend an extra minute of their time to just fly somewhere with no "personal gain" reason, just outta curiousity. And ones who do have the spirit of an explorer, who go lengths to get into places just for the sake of it - those won't ever be upset and vocal about some "not too pretty" looks from some great distances, or when they happen to end up "under textures", etc.

Thank you for reading, and please tell me if i missed or misjudged something regarding this matter.

P.S. Posting this once again as previous time i did a typo in the title and editing it removed the topic from the board. :(


  • The ES2 play area is 40x40x20 (xyz) in km.
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    And that is way too small, as per above. That screeshot from ES1 i gave - is sector 7, some 6175 km from "playable" area (near or inside which that combat drone is). Scout ship in ES1 has over 500 m/s boost, which can be further massively increased by things like teleporters or boost device. 40 km can thus be covered in less than a minute...
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