Trading Ship Glitch

air2rangerair2ranger Member Posts: 3
Hi, every time I enter a trading ship I get stuck and can’t exit. When I click back or esc it just gives 2 audible clicks and then recenters my cursor on the screen. I have repeated this several times to be sure. The only exit is to crash the program. Any help would be appreciated.


  • air2rangerair2ranger Member Posts: 3
    Seems the same glitch occurs when I enter a refueling ship as well.
  • air2rangerair2ranger Member Posts: 3
    Ok, found a sort-of work around. If I have a running start and hit the booster right before entering the trading ship, I have enough inertia to continue past it after trading is done. If I go slow, then I am totally stuck and have to crash the game.
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