The answer to Eric's question

FinsFins Member Posts: 5

To honor, and in respect of, all the effort Eric, and the whole team, do to answer everyone's questions - i am here to answer one question Eric had.

During last friday stream, Eric asked a question about the nickname i was using in the stream's chat: "I can't even tell what your username is. Is that little "degree" symbol?".

The answer is: my username there, written as "° ·" - is pronounced "Degree Middle Dot". 1st symbol - is "Degree", yes. The 2nd symbol - is "middle dot". Both symbols are actually among old-school 8-bit ASCII international symbols, and are in use by all personal computers ever since IBM invented the PC. The sad part is, most places don't allow this nickname to be used. Including this very forum; thus i am using here my other nickname - "Fins".

Now you know! :)


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