Bug report on Stadia

oldschoololdschool Member Posts: 2
Had an issue with a fighter being stuck inside an asteroid on the tutorial mission had to back out and continue the game in order to finish the tutorial mission


  • ROCKFISH_IngmarROCKFISH_Ingmar Administrator Posts: 6
    Thanks for letting us know.

    Was this bug reproducible with the same asteriod? Meaning could you fly in and out as if it had no collision?
    Or did you collide at high speed and after getting out everything was back to normal?
  • oldschoololdschool Member Posts: 2
    No at the start of the tutorial you have to destroy 2 sets of fighters after I destroyed the first 2 set of fighters I was than instructed to destroy the second set of fighters using my plasma cannon to wear down your Shields then use my Gatling gun to destroy them . I destroyed the first fighter the proceeded to do the same for the second fighter but I couldn't cause it was stuck in an asteroid.Here is a copy of the the gameplay

  • ROCKFISH_IngmarROCKFISH_Ingmar Administrator Posts: 6
    Oh sorry I got that completely wrong. I think unlucky spawns for enemies and resources can happen sometimes. Will need to check with some one from the senior staff. But since we'll need to do some unrelated fixes for Stadia anyways, I'll probably look into this as well.
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