Stuck at Ceto Ghost Hunt

In the CETO Ghost Hunt mission I've played the Palaemon's Wound mission twice now. Both times I destroy all the pirate ships (except the destroyer), destroy all the base components except for the bomb launchers, then I get stuck. The bomb launchers are shielded so I can't destroy them. I destroy two shield generators on the lower platform in the front of the main base, but the shields on the launchers remain. Am I missing something else I need to do? I've explored the area for about an hour but I can't find anything.

I thought I might need to blow up the destroyer, but it just wanders off and doesn't stay in the battle. Eventually it ends up off the map and I can't get to it. There are also two power cores but I can't seem to find anything to use them with.

I'll reply with a save file.

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