Is VR on the Microsoft Store/Xbox for PC version possible in the future ?

I bought Everspace 1 some time ago, on the Microsoft Store because it is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, which allows me to buy the game 1 time for both PC and Xbox, with synchronised saves between both. I always try to get the XPA version of my games when available because it's a great cross-platform technology with no extra cost.

But I recently got my first VR headset, a Lenovo Explorer. I wanted to try the VR mode of the game, but it appears that the VR mode is only available on the Steam version of the game. That's very sad that you didn't manage to combine Xbox Play Anywhere and VR. I don't know anything about technical points, but I think it's completely possible.

No Man's Sky for example is able to do it. I also have the UWP version coming from the Microsoft Store, and I can fully play it in VR. I think it's because SteamVR is integrated into the game, even in the Microsoft Store version (a SteamVR is displayed when I launch it from Mixed Reality Home, even if Steam doesn't run in the background). So I think it's completely possible to use both UWP technologies like Xbox Play Anywhere and VR. I am absolutely no expert about this, there may be a lot of blocking points in Everspace. But I think you should look at how No Man's Sky handle this because it may help you.

Thanks to any Rockfish dev reading this, your game is already amazing but I would love being able to enjoy it in VR on all platforms.

Have a great day


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Hi, sorry, I don't think this is going to happen. First of all, our "VR guy" left us more than a year ago, also it's complicated because with UWP we have to rely on the way Unreal Engine wraps the platform. Although it might be possible to get this to work it would require a lot of time and dedication (with money spent we will most likely never get back) and we're all very busy with Everspace 2 at the moment.
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