Various Improvements

ES_145ES_145 Kickstarter Backer ES1, Space Cat Posts: 9
The game is very good even at this stage but I believe it can be extraordinary. Some ideas and improvements:

1. We should be able to cancel the Light Speed at will and not only automatically when approaching a certain marker
2. We should be able to place custom markers on the map and go there
3. A location with completed main task should be marked in a different way than one where we couldn't/didn't complete it. There are various reasons why one can leave the objective for later point but the way things are at the moment - we can't find these if we don't put it on a piece of paper
4. In the many missions of finding something, we are presented with quite a big map and no markers of any kind. A general area could keep the search going but still give us a clue where to look
5. Some places have these chargers, sockets, explosives etc. but we don't have a guideline on how these work and what we should do with them. Trial and error can help here but still
6. We have a lot of upgrade points but almost no way to use them effectively. Maybe we can upgrade an unlocked effect further?
7. Hopefully there will be some economic going on and trading possibilities
8. Weapons of the same type from different manufacturers look exactly the same. It would be a good idea to have some little differences
9. The level should be visible on the icon
10. The primary weapons could fire at the same time as is in Freelancer
11. Ult and Device abilities don't have range specified and it is not clear when we can use them effectively

I'll add more when I identify them.
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