Mineable Ore Stays on Radar but disappears

I'm playing on switch - but bug might exist in all versions

Mineable Ore Stays on Radar (as mineable) but disappears after you pop it with a Flak Canon 5-5 (maybe both flaks)
(I have it upgraded with 2 ranges and 1 energy efficiency - not sure if that matters)
There's also a fsp drop in game when this happens.

Its happening pretty often

I know this is a small bug but figured i'd report it and help!


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,308
    Thanks, this is unfortunately a problem we have never been able to solve (and won't give it another try). The problem is that missiles or flak cannons destroy all of the destructible meshes pretty much with one shot and there's really no way for us to tell that all is gone in one shot so we can't spawn all of the pickups that would normally spawn every x times a part of the mineable object is destroyed. So the indicator stays there because theoretically there is still loot to be gained, but in reality there isn't because all of the destructible parts have already been destroyed.

    Long story short: The only thing you can do is keep that in mind and switch to a different weapon when mining.
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