Opening up forums for PC and consoles

With the level of hype that Everspace 2 has received, to help prevent misunderstandings about gameplay, or repeated posts which only prevent likelihood posts that provide valuable info being overlooked.
Separating PC and console forums for suggestions and technical aspects would help Everspace players looking at Everspace 2 easier clarification of topics. This is even more beneficial due to the next gen consoles coming, and the increase of options for cloud based PC gaming. Industry trends impacting console or PC topics are evolving fast & getting user feedback + providing answers will help Everspace 2. I think most gamers feel a greater confidence to preorder when they don’t still have some of the more basic gameplay answers.
Question examples: Will Everspace 2 have cross play or cross saves, will it allow for consoles to use System Compatible HOTAS joysticks, will the functionality of KB+M that Microsoft made available be an option for Xbox players? These questions are UI & UX based on functionality, foundational elements that are have a significant impact on players buying the game until known. Everspace was a great game but it wasn’t perfect. Some aspects would have improved the experience for players, but the pros outweighed the cons so it was well received. That was before a large number of industry changes started gaining traction, and now with next gen consoles there are even more questions that would be great to get clarity on.
When the news of Everspace having a sequel was released, I had expected it but the news was great knowing it was a sure thing. Increasing support for the game pre-release is a gamer community commodity, the more info that can be shared the higher value community support will be able to provide.
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