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erinierini Member Posts: 1
I saw your videos in youtube randomly.I started falow.I played many smilar games ofline and mmorpg.I will give some names.
I played Freelancer,Eve Online,X3-X4 series.I watched every single video about StarCtizen.I played your first game too.
Your game and game play just amazing.You dont need to be have best grafics,realistic game play etc.This is game and we play for fun.Exploring,handcrafted space,arcade game play everyting you did until now is great.Its beter than any game ı played before.Your musics,sound effects and ship designs.Its everyting for me.I cant ask more or want more.You alredy did best space game for me.I cant play rignt now becous ıts not finisged but I wana play this game.Your devs answered my qestions,very friendly and honest.I dont know why you dont have milions fallovers but ı am sure you will have after game finished.I am not rich but ı wil buy your game for supporting you.I wana see your game series and similar games from you.You doing ofline single player game but I am sure you will do online vesion of this game.Its too good for everyting.Do not forget ıts not finished and ı am experienced player.If someone told me choose one game for play lifeb time ı will chose yours.


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Wow, thank you a lot for your kind words and your praise! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the first Everspace and we hope you'll enjoy the sequel, as well!
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