Aim sensitivity?

Super excited to see the prototype released to Steam. Instantly picked it up. Tried hopping into the game and first thing I noticed (and haven't been able to find a setting for) is the aim sensitivity feels like it's through the roof. I play on mouse/keyboard and it was great in Everspace, but this is almost unplayable for me. The reticle is white/small and blends in with a lot of the background. I find myself not being able to see where I'm aiming. Is there a way to turn down the aim sensitivity or change the color of the reticle?


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    You are talking about the Everspace 2 prototype/demo? In that case there is no option for the mouse sensitivity (we do have it in the alpha though). But the mouse is exactly behaving like in windows, so you should be accustomed to it and if you change the sensitivity in windows it will also affect the game.
    Ther is no option to change the reticule color
  • KryshadeKryshade Member Posts: 2
    Ahhh ok. I usually play at low sensitivity in games but use a higher one for windows. I'll just create a lower dpi profile to use for the demo. Thanks for the response!
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