Unique bosses and locations

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First of all
Congrats to hitting a great gameplay-feeling already in the current state! Hurray!!

Unique Bosses
How about implementing unique bosses in the world and something like the Stonehenge effect,
that is, for me, something you see once and never ever forget, because it is just sooo mega unique?

The game already looks very well as it is, no need to be better than or equal to starcitizen or whoever in terms of graphics or realism. Better concentrate on funnieness and action-gameplay to increase the space-ship while travelling through the spaceworld. I visualize the game formyself as Diablo in Space.
So it needs all of that, what made Diablo (what i loved sooo much), addictive.
Bosses, rememberable bosses, items of different class, but please not too many drops, and character/ship-skills/-weapons to be proud of. The voice acting of enemies helps to immerse with the space world. Like imagine some aliens always say "MUAHAHAHHAHA!" and show some evil devil grin animation and you as play know: "-BEEP-, nightmare aliens" ...
and they follow and hunt you.

No need to make long talking sentences and explanations, but simple sounds and screams help a lot to remember!

I mean bosses with unique and rememberable abilities and a unique and not-forgetable location designed around them.
Often bosess just look different and are strong, have some name but are not rememberable.
Especially its cool to have bosses, that surprisingly kill a player on the very first visit, because the boss does something unexpected, or seems-like-overpowered ability on the first play. Not that it needs a trick, just ... more calmness :)
- add enemies that kill fast and can be killed fast, and make them stand out from the rest
- add a "old friend" wingman that can appear from zero-point-energy but only stay for a time period to assist the player (can increase by levels, or even two or more wingmans)

You can also add locations, where you need special "protections" from the environment
- If the location was, for example, completely electrified, you need a set of eletric-protection spaceship-parts, to be able to fly through that location, and find items there, or even a new mission.
- location could be entirely dark
- location could be near a black hole
- location is a racing-place (predesigned, different characters as opponents) with rings to fly through, add turrets to disturb the race ...
- make pirates enter the race and attack everyone, by chance! but then increase the resulting winnings

Voice acting / Animations of Boss monsters
- allow voice acting just for a couple of sentences of the bosses, or just record the voices yourself, and vocoder them!! its all about having something entirely strange, the world has strange people and voices, why not a space game? doesnt have to be bruce willis voice acting at all!
- use different accent-people (german, french, british english, russian for example)

The bosses could have several mechanisms to anger the player, like
- repeating waves of spherical distributed chain lightnings
- a spherical radius (like neblua) around it, where time is slowed ... for the player, but not for the enemies.
- being able to duplicate - / triplicate itself with shadows, so the player doesnt know the true enemy
- could decide to team up with another unique boss and demand a wing-man for the player to finish the fight ...

This game came to me as "Diablo in Space" and so, well, borrow much mechanis from looting in Diablo 2!
- normal, rare, unique loot and "sets" of items (some that just add up to make the player completely overpowered, or give him some extra abilities once in a while, why not!)

So much to say, so much to see, thats it, at first.
This is going to become a great space loot shooter.

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