Buffs and debuffs organized as states and possible to resist. Sounds as hints in combat.

ManuLHanManuLHan Member Posts: 4
Buffs and debuffs organized as states, which are possible to resist with certain equimpent. Partially or fully.

A special armor with a modifier that makes it 50% less susceptible to corrosive cloud effect (mentioned in my previous post, or it could be any other effect actually).
An engine with a modifier that makes you 25% less susceptible to webber effects.
Another engine that reduces ship's inertia dampening by 25% but makes it ignore any other inertia dampening modifiers. Might be a choice for going where environment or enemies mess with your inertia dampening.

Inspired by: Path of Exile (actually a lot of games use such state mechanics but among those I know PoE has especially deep math)

Sounds as hints (sometimes the only ones) to figuring out what your opponent is up to.

Another way to add something unconventional to combats. Key idea - make some actions of an enemy only predictable by the sound he makes.
Example: while tailing a sneaky looking ship you start hearing something charging up. The sound gradually changes it's tone as it usually happens, but then it drops almost to silence. And some 0.2 seconds after, that ship suddenly teleports behind your back and immediately fires it's scatterguns. This move should be very hard or even impossible to outreact by a human if he only pays attention to what he sees. You should actually react to the sound and strafe at certain moment right before you see him teleport. Some barely visible hints may also be added for a less hardcore version.
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