Visual diversity ideas. Rare and perishable mineables/collectibles linked to atmospheric locations.

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Ideas considering visual diversity

Thumbs up for ideas like:
- cloudy locations with asteroids or scrap of different styles (loved Freelancer for those despite everybody telling me that it's unrealistic and the space is just black emptiness... but it's an arcade, and such locations are beautiful, right? :) And actually the first Everspace is probably the best game I know so far in terms of such locations, so +1 for making stuff like this or even better in ES2! )
- black holes
- pulsars
- binary/trinary stars
- systems without a star (dimly lit by distant stars and various relatively weak light sources scattered around, like minerals or even space plants/creatures)

About star types: I heard that main systems will only contain one star each, but it will be cool to see some alternative types listed above at least as background objects in separate end-game locations.

Things that can make those locations even more atmospheric:
- rare or unique mineable or collectible goods
- perishable mineables/collectibles (with limited time to deliver and sell or acquire some bonus or a crafting ability)
- wind and gravity (present in varying strength from barely perciptible to challenging, in limited places or all over some hardcore location versions, forcing to adapt piloting techniques)
- areas that apply debuffs on ships flying in them (example: corrosive clouds, constantly damaging armor or multiplying damage taken by it)

Inspired by: (of course!) ES1, Freelancer and modded Stellaris (particularly, Realspace mod)

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