Gravity/Wind/Teleport environmental puzzles/hazards. Less obvious combat solutions. NPC shifting.

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First off, I need to say that I really appreciate the work you guys do. As a diehard fan of Freelancer and a lot of other stuff from X-Wing/Tie fighter to Star Citizen, I had a lot of fun flying runs in Everspace, and was even more excited when you announced the sequel being an open-world RPG.

Here is the first of some general ideas.

Gravity/Wind/Teleport and other environmental puzzles/hazards.

For example, there's a location with an asteroid containing some high quality loot inside it. And the problem is some cosmic wind blowing through that asteroid, restricting your ways to get that loot. Maybe you can only enter a tunnel from one side and, driven by that wind, have to maneuver through and avoid hitting rocks jutting out of walls. Then you catch that loot on the way and fly further out. A harder version may require boosting in certain moments to get into loot chamber (otherwise you are blown further and miss the passage into that chamber), contain some additional traps, mines, enemies e.t.c.

This should make players customize appropriate builds (at least bring booster, and for hardcore version - something for mine and collision defence, in the example above) along with developing some skills/tactics to loot such places.
Also, it may aid in a situation like: you lure oppenents close to the entrance to the windy corridor, then you dump all the energy doing as much damage as possible, probably your shield goes down... then, you have an option to escape by diving in the corridor (but will the enemy be able to follow is another question :) ).
There also might be a way to control that environmental forces, e.g. by blowing some fractured wall with an explosive to collapse the corridor from where the wind is coming. Or use the grapple to pick up a hatch flying around and close the vent shut with it.

Another example - location with a number of small mini-rifts, that teleport objects (whether it's a ship, an explosive barrel or a quest object) from one rift to another. Ways to use this concept can range from just a puzzle (a portal labirynth for a player to fly through) to pushing enemies into a rift having environmental hazard on it's other side, or attacking a remote target indirectly by launching missiles at the rift.

Inspired by games like Tomb Raider and Ori (both Blind Forest and The Will of The Wisps)


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    Less obvious combat solutions and NPCs that change behavior based on damage taken or parts lost.

    Gravity thing may also take form of an unconventional device used by enemies. Like you're orbiting an enemy base (or a large ship) which has mine launchers or short range guns (durable and hard to destroy) as one of it's most devastating weapons. And a gravity generator that constantly pulls you towards it (and possibly slows maneuvering). Destroying power sources (which are less durable) of that gravity generator in fact almost eliminates the mine/gun threat and facilitates the battle. One more key thing here is - in most cases it's more effective first to attack gravity generator power sources instead of shooting at guns directly. And people are usually tend to shoot things that they see shooting at them. At least it was mostly the case for star bases in first Everspace. New mentioned example layout adds more tactical diversity and makes people think out of the box looking for unconventional targets, which I think is good to face sometimes. Also, approach may differ depending on build:
    - slower ships with not too much DPS need to consider disabling the gravity generator first in order not to get overwhelmed by gunfire in the long run
    - very high DPS ships may just attack guns and quickly get their objective whatever it is
    - more agile ranged builds may ignore the gravity generator since they can easily move even under it's effect or just maintain safe distance

    I know that some solutions involving not obvious weak spots on enemies are already in place. At least just want to give a thumbs up for such things.
    And also for when a ship or base changes it's behavior after losing some components or taking considerable damage. It may be switching to another gun, using some device or changing flying patterns. Like, it could be better to shoot other spots instead of that gun since the gun switches to something more dangerous when destroyed.
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