Magnetic repulsion physics

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First and foremost, I'm a huge fan of ES1 and loved the look and feel and just incredible attention to detail that went into the visuals and the game play overall. Am extremely appreciative of all the love that's going into ES2 and can't wait to play it.

While watching the planetside gameplay streamed on May 1st, I confess that the segment where capital ships could be flung backwards willy-nilly while you yourself remain stationary felt a little cartoony. Not to be overly technical or anything because I know this isn't a flight sim, but I would suggest that the magnetic repulsion have an effect inversely proportional to the mass of the ship you're firing at to make the momentum feel more intuitive. As such, little ships/drones would get rocketed away from you while larger ships would be repelled a little or possibly not very much at all depending on how big they are.

Just a thought, at any rate, as this jumped out at me as soon as I saw it. While ES isn't a flight sim, the physics in ES1 generally just felt right, and would love to see this carried through ES2 as well.

Thanks to the team for all your hard work on everything!


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    Yes, I think this is something we also want to achieve. Thanks for your suggestion!
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