Cutscenes won't play

I'm using Xbox Game Pass, running at 3840x2160 in full screen on Epic settings. The screen goes black and the game hang every time it tries to play a cutscene. This happens even when trying to view the flashback cutscenes out of the codex. I have to close the game via the task manager, but (thankfully) I don't lose any progress when I load it back up and hit continue, but I wish I could experience the game like it was designed instead of watching the cutscenes on youtube.


  • f1shr0sef1shr0se Member Posts: 2
    Ok, so my wife just suggested I turn the render scale ("Screen Percentage") down to 50% and it worked, so I'm guessing the cutscenes won't render in/upscale to 4K. Is this a known issue?
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