Wrecked captial ships could have scavengers

8100DSTAR8100DSTAR Member Posts: 3
Once you obliterate a capital ship, the wreck could remain permanent in the area, and over time you could encounter outlaw scavengers looking for cargo, etc.

If you are just flying by then they ignore you, but if you pick up anything, they begin attacking you for your loot. Some could even be guarding rarer loot. Maybe sometimes you could get lucky and nobody is flying there, leaving you free to scavenge yourself.



  • +1, I like it. Also the possibility of massive wrecks on planets would be neat.
  • skyhigh24skyhigh24 Member, Kickstarter Backer ES2 Posts: 5
    +1 sounds really good, but they should be Limited to (n)-shipwrecks in one Area.
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