Gravity Writeup/Planetary Gameplay

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Gravity in planet locations has been discussed a lot but here are my thoughts on how it could work without compromising the "fun factor" for the game's pacing, and even make it part of the core gameplay in these locations.

In general, all ships "ignore" gravity, flying as if they were still in space. Whatever fluff/lore is appropriate here to make this happen, it wouldn't be too outlandish for the genre.

Capitals in atmosphere: if they have their orientation disrupted, i.e. by the magnetic push ability, they should gradually reorient themselves. There's a lot of people on those ships potentially, after all, so they wouldn't just stay upside down, right?

Faster fighters, drones, etc: They are willing to orient themselves however they please with no heavy restrictions on how fast they do it. Some special enemy units only found on planets could even fly like jets, instead! Not everything on the planet surfaces needs to be a spaceship, right?

Slower ships/fighters, i.e. bombers, gunships, etc: they should prefer to have their ship upright, but are willing to orient differently in maneuvers

Ground units:
Beyond just turrets, there could be APCs (armored personnel carriers), hovercraft, tanks, missile crawlers, mobile AA batteries. Probably not infantry, though. It could interact with the grapple mechanic, i.e. picking up an enemy tank and dropping it to kill it with fall damage, or moving a friendly unit to a more useful area. Neutral entities will naturally be upset at you for picking them up without permission!

Missiles and mines!:
When they run out of fuel, instead of disappearing, they could drop to the ground, following an arc along their trajectory. Mines could ignore gravity when deployed by you or enemy units, but some cheeky traps could be placed inside walls, scrap heaps, etc for catching players unaware during exploration if they aren't mindful.

Special weaponry, abilities: Special weapons, like missiles, EMP devices, etc could not only disable enemies, but cause them to be subject to gravity for the duration! Even capitals could be vulnerable to this, though they would need to raise back up relatively quickly.

Loot, containers They could "float" down to the ground more slowly than normal gravity for gameplay purposes, or could fall quickly. Loot should not be destroyed when it hits the ground. Tractor beam range on planets could be increased to compensate.


  • CailloumaxCailloumax Common Backer ES1, Customer Posts: 1
    In the first game, when inertia dampeners were out, you not decelerating anymore. Maybe interesting, that, with these damaged, you fall out of the sky if you don't compensate. It would just become a new challenge on some really restricted period of time
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    I wonder if we could make the thruster module be damaged in different ways? One way would reduce your boost speed, another would break your inertia dampeners, and the last would destabilize your gravitational compensation...
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