Power distribution system as in Freespace 2

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I would like the idea that such a distribution system as in Freespce 2 could also be installed in Everspace 2.

so that the shield energy can be increased if necessary. and get less energy for weapons or propulsion. in the same way you can also increase the weapon energy and lose shield energy or drive energy. exactly the same for the drive.

I would also like a shield distribution system that, for example, allows the front shields to be reinforced and the remaining shields to be inserted less.

What do you think about that?

Mir würde die Idee gefallen, dass man solch ein Verteilungssystem wie in Freespce 2 auch in Everspace 2 einbaut.

sodass man die Schildenergie gegebenenfalls verstärken kann. und dafür Waffen oder Antrieb weniger Energie bekommen. ebenso kann man dann auch die Waffenenergie verstärken und dafür Schild Energie oder Antriebsenergeie verlieren. genau das selbe dann auch für den Antrieb.

Ebenso würde mir ein Schild Verteilungssystem gefallen, durch dass man zum Beispiel die vorderen Schilde verstärken kann, und dafür die restlichen Schilde weniger einstecken können.

was denkt ihr darüber?


  • HazzyDevilHazzyDevil Member Posts: 27
    Its a good idea, but not something I want to see in Everspace. It'll add an unnecessary amount of complexity and would only slow down the flow of the game. And this idea also assumes that each sub-system (weapons, shield, propulsion etc) are working at less than 100% energy capacity. I think its better to just assume that each of these sub-systems are given a fixed amount of energy that they can handle at most. So no need to increase the energy they use.

    Having said all this, there is a device in ES1 called Energy Diverter which acts as an active ability. Pressing the devices' hotkey would instantly sacrifice a certain amount of your shield for core energy which can be used by your weapons and boosters. So it's not really increasing the max capacity of energy you use permanently but rather makes up for some energy loss during boosting or firing. But this is as far as it should go in terms of a distribution system
  • GiraffasaurGiraffasaur Administrator, Moderator, Space Cat Posts: 1,110
    It may be possible that we have special attributes modifying a shield's "strength" based on it's health. For example, If your shields are above 75%, reduce all energy damage taken by 50%, making them far better if you keep them full.

    But adding another energy system on top of what we're working on currently would be too complex for the overarching vision of Everspace 2. We'll keep it in mind based on how the game changes through development, but it's not likely.
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