Frozen white screen after second encounter with Seth

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I'm hoping someone has a fix for this problem. I just beat my first Ancient temple so I'd like to keep my save file if possible.
I'm also including my entire system info from Steam just in case it helps.

EDIT: I saw someone from Rockfish on another forum post say they think it has something to do with framerate so I tried changing my video settings. I turned V-Sync ON and either that fixed the problem or I just pressed ALT+F4 enough times to get into a version of my save file to get around the white screen bug. Try fiddling with anything that changes the way your computer outputs framerate and it might solve it!


Computer Information:
Model: OMEN by HP Laptop

Processor Information:
CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel
CPU Brand: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz
CPU Family: 0x6
CPU Model: 0x9e
CPU Stepping: 0xa
CPU Type: 0x0
Speed: 2208 Mhz
12 logical processors
6 physical processors
HyperThreading: Supported
FCMOV: Supported
SSE2: Supported
SSE3: Supported
SSSE3: Supported
SSE4a: Unsupported
SSE41: Supported
SSE42: Supported
AES: Supported
AVX: Supported
AVX2: Supported
AVX512F: Unsupported
AVX512PF: Unsupported
AVX512ER: Unsupported
AVX512CD: Unsupported
AVX512VNNI: Unsupported
SHA: Unsupported
CMPXCHG16B: Supported
LAHF/SAHF: Supported
PrefetchW: Unsupported

Operating System Version:
Windows 10 (64 bit)
NTFS: Supported

Video Card:
Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
DirectX Driver Name: nvldumd.dll
Driver Version:
DirectX Driver Version:
Driver Date: 1 29 2020
OpenGL Version: 4.6
Desktop Color Depth: 32 bits per pixel
Monitor Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
DirectX Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
VendorID: 0x10de
DeviceID: 0x1be1
Revision: 0xa1
Number of Monitors: 1
Number of Logical Video Cards: 1
No SLI or Crossfire Detected
Primary Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Primary Bus: PCI Express 8x
Primary VRAM: 8191 MB
Supported MSAA Modes: 2x 4x 8x

Sound card:
Audio device: Speaker/Headphone (Realtek High

RAM: 16260 Mb

VR Hardware:
VR Headset: None detected


  • ROCKFISH_AndiROCKFISH_Andi Administrator Posts: 1,317
    Yeah, that's one of these very rare bugs that we don't think we'll ever fix. Not sure anymore, but I guess about 20 people where affected by this as of now.

    You can simply attach your save game files as a zip here (both the CurrentRunSave.sav and the CurrentPlayerSave.sav) or send them to support at rockfishgames . com in case you don't want them to be public.

    They can be found at C:\Users\{YOUR_USERNAME}\AppData\Local\RSG\Saved\SaveGames

    You can quickly find the AppData\Local folder by typing %localappdata% in a Windows Explorer address field.

    Once we've received your save games, we'll then just play your save game, watch the video and the the game will then be saved when entering the next location. We will then send you your new save games back. You should then be able to re-watch the missed video in the codex tab and won't be missing out on anything.

    It's all very weird...
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