Solid Alpha so far.

ShadragonShadragon Kickstarter Alpha Backer ES1, Space Pro Posts: 7
Knowing up front that this is a first cut release, things are working fairly well.

Backgrounds are nice to look at, sounds and action sync nicely. Graphics are excellent, game play is smooth and I really have not noticed anything "game breaking" to this point. However, I have not played long due to the next para.

My only complaint is the inability to remap keys and / or use a HOTAS. I know that's coming, but having that ability sooner rather than later would be appreciated so I can get stuck in using the usual key layout I always use. QASD has never worked well for me. I considered using AutoHotKey to remap them, but I'll just wait until it is native.

Still, a solid release with much promise. I look forward to future development.



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